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25 Preventative Maintenance Points for Top-Performing HMCs and VMCs

CHECKLISTAll machinery requires routine maintenance. Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC) are no exception. However, in most manufacturing facilities the emphasis is on production, not machine maintenance. This is to be expected, as the challenges of maintaining profitable production are always foremost in a manufacturer’s mind.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to consider a VMC or HMC preventative maintenance program from Gosiger. Our technical service experts will keep your machines up and running, while you concentrate on what you do best: making quality parts and satisfying your customers.

With a Gosiger Preventative Maintenance Program, you save unscheduled down time, prevent catastrophic failures and eliminate scrap from machine errors. Each visit includes all of these services:

  • Inspect way wipers, note recommended replacements
  • Inspect operation of all sliding covers
  • Inspect, correct fluid leaks (hydraulic, coolant)
  • Inspect conditions of all external cables, wire harnesses, wire tracks
  • Inspect slide rails and ball screws for ware and lubrication
  • Inspect and grease counter balance chain
  • Inspect, adjust voltages: incoming, power supply
  • Check machine level
  • Verify ATC Home Positions
  • Check axis alignments
  • Inspect spindle taper, note any damage
  • Set backlash, record findings
  • Inspect and clean tool pockets
  • Clean and inspect way lube system, note any problems
  • Clean axis drive heat sinks
  • Change hydraulic fluids (customer to supply)
  • Change hydraulic filter
  • Inspect and clean cabinet fans
  • Inspect and clean motor fans
  • Run spindle, note any heat, vibration or noises
  • Move all axis in rapid mode, check for smoothness, note condition
  • Adjust gibbs, if required
  • Clean chip removal system with help of customer
  • Ball Bar test (optional, additional costs may apply)
  • Laser Positioning test (optional, additional costs may apply)

To learn more, contact Gosiger Parts & Service.

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