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Pallet Systems

Pallet Systems Make Manufacturing more Flexible and Efficient

November 19, 2012

palletFor many manufacturers getting the maximum productivity out of their CNC machines requires addressing how work flows throughout the entire manufacturing process. Gosiger has a number of options that can aid manufacturers by managing materials, tools and workpieces at various stages of the process.

One such solution for pallet-based CNC machining centers is a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) from Fastems that utilizes a loading station, pallet storage, a stacker crane and sophisticated control software that can schedule production, manage and transfer parts programs, and run unmanned production. These FMS automatically transfer pallets within the manufacturing system, which reduces setup time by loading several pallets in advance.

The modular, Multi-Level Systems (MLS) can be configured for each customer to service a single or multiple CNC machine tools, and can also integrate robotics and materials management for maximum productivity. They even offer a central tool storage module that holds and transfers tools as required.

Fastems pallet systems use minimal floor space while providing large storage capacity. They allow for various size pallets within the same system, and use a Windows®-based control platform that easily interfaces with leading CAD/CAM, ERP and other data systems. For smaller operations, a Flexible Pallet Magazine (FPM) system and the entry-level Flexible Pallet Container (FPC) are also available.

Gosiger applications specialists can help you determine precisely what type of Flexible manufacturing System best serves your needs. Call Gosiger today for more information on these and other productivity enhancing manufacturing solutions.