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7 Manufacturing Trends that Can Make You More Profitable

November 5, 2012

Machine Accessories Productivity 3One of the important benefits of attending a show like IMTS is the opportunity to talk with exhibitors, attendees, and editors of trade publications about emerging manufacturing trends. Here are seven such trends that came up in multiple conversations:

  1. Manufacturing companies are investing heavily in automation equipment, especially robotics. In some cases they are simply augmenting stand-alone CNC machine tools with automated loading and unloading devices. In other situations they want completely automated production lines.
  2. Re-shoring of manufacturing processes that had been sent offshore is increasing, thanks to rising costs overseas and more efficient manufacturing practices in the U.S.
  3. Manufacturers rely more heavily on CNC machine control systems to enable faster setups and reduced cycle times through easier-to-use simulation software, compatibility with CAD systems, simplified programming, enhanced reporting functions and other features.
  4. By combining devices such as vision systems with robotics, automated manufacturing systems can perform more complex operations such as reading bar codes to identify components and checking ID and OD dimensions.
  5. Ethernet and wireless communications technologies enable various CNC machine tools and peripheral equipment to communicate with one another to allow faster changeovers and reduce material scrap.
  6. These same communications technologies make remote monitoring and troubleshooting of manufacturing processes possible.
  7. With manufacturing systems capable of continuous or near-continuous operation, there is growing acknowledgement of the importance of preventative maintenance for CNC machine tools and peripheral equipment.

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