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The Way You Clean Parts Can Affect Your Productivity

clean partsIn many cases your customers require the parts you ship to be free of chips, metal dust, dirt and machine oils. This is especially important when the parts are heading for plating or coating operations. For some companies, this process can become a time-wasting bottleneck. Manual cleaning incurs labor costs, time away from machine operation, the cost of the chemicals used and the time and money required to properly dispose of the cleaning solutions. Even aqueous-based cleaners must be disposed of in keeping with state, local and federal regulations to protect the environment.

That’s why it makes sense to investigate the advantages of automatic parts washers that can save time and money. However, not all parts washing systems are created equal. Moreover, each shop’s parts cleaning needs are different. For example, high-volume parts with simple geometry may be effectively cleaned using a basic aqueous solution bath or rinse. However more complex parts, including those with blind holes, cross-holes and ID threads, may require a more sophisticated cleaning process.

Fortunately, there are parts washers that provide a variety of options to enable manufacturers to handle a wide range of cleaning challenges. Some can even recapture spent cleaning solutions for reuse, which is good for both the environment and your bottom line. You can learn more about how choosing the right parts washing system can improve productivity while keeping your customers satisfied by downloading one of the free white papers listed below.

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