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CNC Machines

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying a CNC Machine Tool

October 1, 2012

ROI Capital Budgeting 3 Buying a new or replacement CNC machine is a major investment for many companies. The payback, of course, can be increased throughput, reduced cost of operation, improved customer deliveries, and the ability to compete for jobs you might otherwise miss out on.

Since it is a large financial commitment, there are a number of issues you should consider before making the final decision. Obviously you’re looking to get the most for your investment. But don’t confuse lower initial cost with overall value. If a less expensive machine will do the jobs you have in mind and is backed up by reliable support, it may be a great deal. However, it’s important to take the long view before signing on the dotted line. With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  • Is this the best product for the kinds of parts I’m making now?
  • Are there other applications in the foreseeable future I could use this machine for?
  • Are we outsourcing machining processes that we could bring in-house if we have the right machine?
  • If I invest in a machine with greater capabilities, will it open the door to more business from new and existing customers? 


  • Does this builder have a reputation for machines that are reliable and long lasting?
  • Are the people who provide technical service well staffed and responsive? Can they respond in 24 hours if I need service?
  • Are replacement parts readily available or could I experience serious downtime?
  • Is there someone I can call and actually talk to if I have a technical or service-related question?
  • Is competent training included with the purchase of the machine? If I hire a new operator, can I have him trained at no additional cost?
  • Are attractive financing or lease terms available?

Gosiger applications specialists and technical experts can help you get honest answers to these and other important questions so you can make the best machine tool investment for your unique operation.