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Maintenance Tips, Lights Out Manufacturing

Are You Ready For Lights Out Manufacturing?

September 25, 2012

Lights OutThe idea of “lights out” or unattended manufacturing is quite intriguing. The image of a factory turning out parts overnight with no human intervention seems like a perfect way to cut costs and boost productivity. And for those who do it successfully it does, indeed, fulfill that expectation. However the road to unattended manufacturing can be a bumpy one. That’s why manufacturers need a partner, like Gosiger, with the experience to help smooth the way. 

The first concern, of course, is the capability of your CNC machine tools and accessories for unattended operation. If this equipment is not reliable you could be looking at breakdowns that cause missed customer deliveries, lost orders and lost customers. And if the equipment isn’t capable of holding tolerances throughout the shift, you could experience a drop-off in product quality and an increase in scrap and rework.

So having the right CNC machines and other equipment is critical. However, even the best machines require regular maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. That’s where a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program comes in. A preventative maintenance program based on your specific CNC machine usage helps reduce unexpected breakdowns, improves machine efficiencies, maximizes CNC machine life and reduces overall maintenance costs. Regular maintenance also helps insure timely shipments and consistent product quality. Both of which make your customers very happy and you more profitable.

To learn more about how the “lights out” experts can help you plan for successful unattended operation in your shop, contact Gosiger today.

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