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Gosiger News

Can’t Find The Right Manufacturing Solution? THINC® Again!

Partners in THINC® is a unique concept developed by Okuma that brings together over 30 leading manufacturing equipment companies, including Gosiger’s factory automation division, to help advance CNC machine and accessory technology while developing real-world solutions for their customers.

Okuma’s stated mission for Partners in THINC is: “…to provide a complete manufacturing solution to our customers - One Source for all the latest in Technology. Our objective is to bring together the leaders of technology providers and create a partnership that will provide the lowest cost, best solution to meet the needs of manufacturing worldwide.”

To make this concept a reality, the THINC member companies have access to a 58,000 square foot facility that in which they can perform R & D, develop new manufacturing techniques, provide customer training and much more. 

This means that, as a Gosiger customer, you have the opportunity to benefit from this unique, collaborative approach to solving manufacturing problems. So if you wish to improve you company’s productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs and material waste, improve product quality and leapfrog the competition, contact Gosiger today to learn how Partners in THINC can help you achieve your goals.