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How To Avoid Costly CNC Machine Crashes

June 4, 2012

Controlling Tool Wear 3CNC machine crashes cost you time and money. They interrupt your manufacturing process, which drives up labor costs and delays delivery to your customers, and they create out-of-pocket costs for repairing damaged equipment and replacing scrapped material.

However, CNC machines equipped with Okuma’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS) take the worry out of crashes, and significantly reduce set-up time. By entering 3-D model data for the workpiece, tool, chuck, fixture, headstock, turret and tailstock into the OSP controller, CNC machine operators can view a real-time simulation just ahead of the actual machine movements, checking for any interference or possibility of collision, and immediately stopping the machine’s movement prior to a crash.

During automatic operations, the controller reads the machining program before beginning an operation, and checks axial travel paths for interference while considering programmed zero-point and tool compensation values. If it detects interference, the system temporarily stops axial travel before a collision occurs. In manual mode, operators can rely on Okuma’s Hairbreadth Stop capability to avoid any collisions while preparing the machine.

All this pays off in reduced setup and cycle times while allowing operators to focus on making parts rather than worrying about or reacting to costly crashes. Additionally, manufacturers using Okuma machines equipped with the Collision Avoidance System enjoy better spindle utilization. During traditional trial cutting, for example, the operator must double check all positions, reduce speed and temporarily stop the machine each time the spindle or turret approaches the workpiece. CAS eliminates these steps, thus saving precious time. 

For more information on Okuma CNC lathes, multitasking machines, double column machining centers and 5-axis machining centers equipped with the exclusive Collision Avoidance System, contact Gosiger today.

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