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New GENOS CNC Lathes Provide Okuma Performance at an Affordable Price

Genos Series 3Okuma developed the GENOS series of CNC lathes to be multitasking machines that are affordable and easy to use and maintain. Although they are considered entry-level machines, these CNC lathes provide stability, rigidity and accuracy for a multitude of applications. The GENOS series includes a number of standard timesaving features, and a wide range of specification variations so users can handle everything from simple jobs to highly complex parts.

All GENOS models have a high-speed, high-rigidity gearless spindle, a compact high-power and high-torque turret for faster multitasking, and a structurally stable bed designed for minimal thermal distortion. Additionally, the sub-spindle allows front and back machining without interference. The high-accuracy, wide range Y-axis travel uses a double slide system to accommodate a variety of milling operations, and for even greater productivity, GENOS CNC lathes enable multi-tasking with a single chucking.

The operating system includes touch screen technology in a shop-hardened panel that resists dirt and scratching, provides 2 USB ports and Ethernet connectivity, and has a reliable, vibration-proof hard drive. From a single screen, operators can set and check tool compensation values, and perform Touch Setter arm advance/retraction, and gauging cycle start. Likewise, they can perform the series of operations to start multitasking on one screen while confirming C and Y axes status, and can edit G/M programs with a single touch of the control screen.

In addition to affordability and improved productivity, GENOS CNC lathes reduce energy costs. For example, the flat-screen computer uses 57% less energy than previous Okuma systems, and servo power consumption is reduced by 12%.

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