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FANUC Robot Unloads Multiple Okuma CNC Machines In Gosiger Factory Automation Video

April 17, 2012

In this brief video Gosiger Factory Automation shows how it used 3-D solids modeling to create a plan view that enabled its engineers to precisely determine the positioning and required movement of a FANUC robot used to load and unload multiple Okuma CNC machines. On-site video then shows the finished production line so the viewer sees how the FANUC robot moves along an overhead rail to flawlessly access each of the machine tool chucks.

In this installation, the FANUC M-710iC top-loading robot further increases productivity by using a dual part gripper that reduces the time required to unload the finished part and load the raw part. Using the robot overhead rail also frees up floor space since the support columns can be spaced up to 10 meters apart.

This video is another demonstration of how Gosiger Factory Automation combines innovative machine tools from Okuma with robotic assistance from FANUC to help reduce cycle time, make CNC machine operators more productive and maintain product quality. All of which adds up to improved competitiveness and a stronger bottom line. 

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