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Gosiger News

Affordable Factory Automation from Gosiger Gives CNC Machine Shop a Competitive Edge

Energy Dynamics, Inc. (EDI) is a nearly 30-year-old Illinois precision CNC machine shop that specializes in making hydraulic components and assemblies for a variety of major OEMs. The cylinders, pistons, electro control shafts and other items EDI produces find their way into heavy equipment, assembly machinery, aerospace applications and more.

According to EDI President Pat Bye...

"By implementing lean manufacturing concepts and automating one of our machining cells we’ve greatly improved our order-to-cash position, made our workforce more efficient and provided quicker turnarounds for our customers.”

“As part of our lean process we considered adding another machine tool to create a more efficient cell. However, we soon realized that we would be better off leveraging our existing CNC machine capacity by automating the loading and unloading procedure. Gosiger Factory Automation integrated a Fanuc LRMate 200ib robot with our existing Okuma machines. As a result, one operator can now run two different products simultaneously in this cell. This makes us much more cost-effective and enables us to be more aggressive in quoting jobs. It also gives us the ability to run frequent, small jobs so we can be more responsive to customer needs including making Just In Time deliveries.”

“Factory automation is one way small shops like ours can be more competitive and successful. But it’s important to work with a company that has the know-how and experience to integrate automation properly. Gosiger Factory Automation proved to us that they are that kind of company.”

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