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Lean Manufacturing Keeps Precision CNC Machine Shop Productive & Profitable

Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation and its Accurate Fishing Products division is a family business run by Jack Nilsen and his twin sons David and Douglas, Accurate began as a small CNC machine shop in 1950 and developed into a successful precision operation catering to the aerospace industry. In 1990, David and Douglas parleyed their passion for saltwater fishing into a line of high-end fishing gear that use the same close-tolerance manufacturing techniques they apply to their aerospace work. 

David explains...

“Today our business is split almost 50-50 between aerospace and fishing. On the aerospace side, we make a number of different shafts, bearings, gears and other components. When that airliner emergency landed in New York’s Hudson River, what kept the plane controllable after both engines failed was electrical power generated by a ram-air turbine and tail shaft turbine. We make those shafts on an Okuma lathe from Gosiger.”

“Lean is an ongoing process for both sides of our business, and we really appreciate how Gosiger keeps us up to date on the latest manufacturing technologies. Plus, they have people who can work with us as we continue to refine how we make quality products more cost-effectively. For example, we now have an Okuma MA400, 10-pallet machining center that lets us load the tombstone fixtures quickly with our proprietary jaw system. This allows us to run only the parts we need instead of having to produce large quantities to offset long setup times. Just as important, we no longer have to contact multiple companies if we have an issue with a lathe, machining center, robot or control. Instead, we get everything handled with one call to Gosiger.”

To learn how Gosiger Factory Automation helped Accurate improve their manufacturing processes, read the full case study.