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Gosiger Video Shows how Press Manufacturer Increased Productivity by 90%

February 16, 2012

Cincinnati manufacturer Nilpeter makes five models of flexographic presses that include a number of high-precision machined parts. One such family of parts is a series of impression cylinders that are critical components of each press. A typical Nilpeter flexographic press has eight impression rollers. Each roller must be precisely machined to final diameter tolerances of +/- 0.00005” in order to evenly apply images to the label material. Each roller in this family of parts has slightly different diameter dimensions, ranging from 2.2621” through 2.2618” Steve’s challenge was to reduce production time for these and other press components.

The manufacturing process for each roller included a series of seven steps:

  1. The 1215 stainless steel bar stock was cut to length
  2. The stock was then blanked
  3. The blank was faced on a manual lathe
  4. The part was sent out for gun drilling
  5. Upon return to Nilpeter, the part was turned on a CNC lathe
  6. Following turning, the part was sent out for pre-grinding and chroming
  7. The part returned to Nilpeter for finish grinding

By integrating an Okuma LT 300-MY, 7-axis, twin spindle CNC turning machine with an automatic magazine load bar feeder, a vacuum unloader and an Ethernet communications system, Nilpeter reduced machining time per roller from 4.5 man hours to less than 30 minutes. Watch the complete story in a 5-minute video. Or contact your local Gosiger office.