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Okuma AMPS, Pallet Systems

New Pallet Systems Make Okuma Horizontal Machining Centers Even More Productive

February 6, 2012

Okuma horizontal machining centers include a number of unique capabilities including the Thermo-Friendly Concept to control thermal deformation, a broad range of spindles and horsepower to match your requirements, THINC intelligent controls, and other productivity-enhancing features.

However, even the most advanced horizontal machining centers can’t operate at peak efficiency while sitting idle. That’s why Okuma developed its Automated Modular Pallet System (AMPS). This Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) enhances productivity by managing production schedules and loading Okuma horizontal machining centers for maximum throughput. 

AMPS can service a single machine or up to 10 machines and 4 workstations with as many as 300 pallet locations. Best of all, one operator can control the entire system. All of which translates into greater efficiency.

With the right AMPS installation you’ll benefit from: 

  • Less manpower required per spindle
  • Less dependent on highly skilled people
  • High, consistent quality level
  • Viable batch size can be as low as one
  • Zero setup time
  • Fixtures are ready for repeatable jobs
  • Jobs are buffered and ready to go to the machine regardless of operator availability
  • FMS control system will prioritize and optimize the correct pallet order
  • Increased spindle utilization through more efficient use of the machine tool
  • Lower operating costs
  • Unmanned production during off shift and weekends
  • More effective use of floor space

Gosiger FMS specialists can analyze your specific process and recommend an AMPS solution that will boost your productivity and profitability.