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Gosiger Automation

Decades of Factory Automation Experience

December 27, 2011

Kitchen Aid 1 Factory automation transforms your individual CNC machining centersgrinders, and lathes into a single, well-coordinated manufacturing tool, that lets you achieve productivity and cost-per-part efficiencies you never imagined. Gosiger Automation solutions specifically help you optimize productivity, reduce human error, and increase efficiency plant-wide.

Well-thought-out design and strategic placement of CNC cell components allow for improved floor space use, minimized travel between stations, and reduced labor needs. You can do more with less. This leads to the second benefit: reduced human error.

Every time a process needs human intervention, potential error is introduced. Introducing automated movement between stations with robotic manipulation is one way to reduce the human factor. More robust, multi axis CNC machines can perform complex and multiple cuts in a fewer number of setups, which also helps reduce human error.

All this provides our clients with greater production-line efficiency. This can allow for just-in-time (JIT) schedule production which reduces inventory and its related costs. This is yet another benefit of an automated solution from Gosiger.

Contact Gosiger, and experience for yourself what our factory automation solutions have done for so many of our clients.