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Okuma CNC Machines' Advantages

June 3, 2011

Okuma CNC machines help many industries fabricate and manufacture superior products. Obtain the competitive advantage you need in your manufacturing process with Okuma CNC machines' innovative design and high performance.

While not limited to the following industries, Okuma has made outstanding advances to help them in accomplishing more in the spirit of "monozukuri", the satisfaction of making a quality product.

  • Aerospace/Defense - Efficient machining to manufacture turbine engine components, landing gear, and airframe structures from high-strength alloys.
  • Automotive - Fabrication of precise, high-performance components such as pistons, cylinder heads, and camshafts.
  • Construction/Farming - Driving this heavy-duty industry by machining very large and heavy parts needed to get big jobs done.
  • Oil/Energy - Lowering costs and improving productivity to get vital energy reserves to an energy hungry world.
  • Fluid power - Okuma CNC machines' tight tolerances and optimized design put them among the top of the list for turning and horizontal machining centers.
  • Medical - Creating excellent surgical implants and other medical devices with multifunction, 5 axis machining centers.
  • Mold & Die - Making today's technically difficult to machine dies and molds repeatable and accurate.
  • Wheel Cell - Okuma's industry leading wheel cells are developed to their own exacting standards by guaranteeing 98% up-time and 10-day installations.

Get the competitive edge and superb repeatability you need. Contact Gosiger today to see what we can engineer for you.