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Okuma CNC Machine: THINC Intelligently

May 6, 2011

With the many choices in CNC machines, why should you consider an Okuma CNC machine? A major reason to consider an Okuma CNC machine is THINC. THINC stands for; The Intelligent Numerical Control. It represents a paradigm shift in CNC design and implementation.

Okuma has a few basic reasons THINC is the future of automated machine control. First, they believe it is a waste of time to invent that which already exists. So they implement the latest in hardware construction and the most popular and user friendly software from Microsoft. Secondly, they not only plan for what is possible today, but what will be a reality in the future. Lastly, computational power has advanced to such a degree that the machine can manage more machine tool control. It can make interactive, smart decisions without human input. Finally, this gives the end user the ability to be fully autonomous, and modify the CNC machine to fit their exact and ever-changing needs.

THINC is a fluid platform that can be upgraded as technology advances, so this extends the life of your CNC machine significantly. THINC intelligent design incorporates two important factors:

  • Motherboard - Runs all aspects of the machine, as well as all Windows applications. It is PC compatible, and allows the end user complete flexibility in configuring the operating environment, contrary to the philosophy of many of Okuma's competitors
  • Peripherals - Memory of 512 MG and hard drive space of 40 GB are both upgradeable, ensuring that your CNC machine is not obsolete soon after installation. THINC includes Ethernet and USP connectivity.

It's easy to see why Gosiger has aligned with Okuma. We offer integration of Okuma CNC machines with robotics to improve your manufacturing potential even more. Contact the seasoned professionals at Gosiger to begin.