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3 Benefits a 5 Axis Machining Center Offers

June 4, 2011

Demystifying 5-Axis 3 Struggling to justify acquiring a 5-axis machining center? True, the initial investment can be daunting, but the productivity gains and other factors can't be ignored. Some of these advantages are self-evident, while others are not so clear. Here is a list of benefits your shop can obtain with a 5-axis machining center.

  1. Reduced machining time - This is the most obvious advantage by far. Reducing machining time will let you produce more in the same amount of time compared to 3-axis machine. This equates into a lower cost per part and an ability to meet larger runs at the same time.
  2. Eliminate multiple setups - Fewer setups mean less chance for error and a lower number of inferior parts needing reworking or disposal. This also contributes to a lower cost per part and higher profitability.
  3. Machining flexibility - Not only can you perform common operations and produce simple parts, but you have the capability to create complex non-round parts. Your ability to leverage your diverse manufacturing is going to increase.

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