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Factory Automation

Factory Automation Gives You Leverage

May 25, 2011

More Parts Per Hour 3 With today's fast paced manufacturing it may seem as if the "big boys" in CNC machining have made it more difficult for smaller shops to remain competitive. This is not true; factory automation is the key. Factory automation by Gosiger can keep you competitive and make it possible to bid on larger jobs with confidence.

Gosiger has aligned with the most innovative CNC manufacturers in the industry. We add in quality robotics and an extremely skilled engineering team to provide efficiencies you can leverage to be more competitive and profitable. Many benefits can be had with the implementation of factory automation.

  • Cost per part - Reduce change-over time and operate multiple CNC machines at the same time. You save on labor and time.
  • Flexibility - With reduced lead time you can perform higher numbers of smaller jobs that require JIT results.
  • Integration - Our engineers can seamlessly integrate FANUC robotics and provide the needed training to create efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Let our extensive knowledge and dedicated professionalism impress you. We can make your CNC cell more efficient and provide a compelling return on investment with a factory automation solution today.

Contact us for more information including financing and engineering quotes. Get in there with the "big boys", and let a solution in factory automation from Gosiger lead the way to greater production.

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