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CNC Milling Machines from Gosiger

May 22, 2011

Gosiger understands that reliable and innovative products are crucial to being a successful manufacturing business. With that understanding, Gosiger has always aligned itself with top CNC milling machine brands in the tooling and fabrication industry. Bumotec, Okuma, and Nomura are all well-known brands that are recognized for their quality craftsmanship and modernism in the CNC milling machine industry.

The Bumotec CNC engraving centers/milling machines are a complete solution for micro-milling and engraving. It’s capable of machining complex parts from bar or blanks with high precision. The integration with digital technology means every product is at the head of the technological pack and is more accurate than ever before.

These CNC milling machines offer a high pressure coolant for ease of handling. The Hydro Fluid high pressure coolant system provides oil cooling, automatic filtration down to 5 microns, self-cleaning filters, and high pressure up to 80 bars. Bumotec also offers a wide variety of accessories to extend their CNC machine capabilities such as…

  • Parts Conveyor – a conveyor belt that provides part evacuation from the machining zone
  • Paper Band Filtration – an ideal filtration method for machining precious metals
  • Chip and Coolant management – several chip and coolant systems are available for all applications and materials.

To find out more about how the CNC milling machines offered by Gosiger can help maximize your efficiency and keep your business at the height of innovation, contact us today.