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Gosiger Automation

Factory Automation From Gosiger

July 26, 2011

Gosiger Automation designs and builds automated systems that largely minimize the human factors in parts machining and product manufacturing operations. The systems Gosiger designs generally minimize human inputs, while at the same time optimizes productivity of the automated equipment and is ergonomically sound.

US Mint 6The automated systems from Gosiger Automation integrate standard, general-purpose CNC machines into fully automated systems. In general, the automation is robot-based and incorporates peripheral equipment into the system such as…

  • Material handling
  • Parts measurement
  • Inspection equipment
  • Secondary operations

These automation systems start with the systems' design and result in a fully-furnished, installed, and operational system. Gosiger Automation also takes the time to train our customers’ staff and ensures that the system is well documented and working appropriately.

Because we are machine tool people first and foremost, we understand machine tools, machining processes, and our customers’ general perspective and needs. With that in mind, our automation systems are designed specifically for our customers and their unique needs. This allows the Gosiger Automation systems to equip our customers with simple, useable solutions that work.

Whether you run a small shop, or manage a large, high profile manufacturing company, Gosiger Automation works with the full spectrum of Gosiger’s machine tool customer base. Gosiger Automation tailors to the needs of our customers by providing small, single machine systems to very large, multi-machine systems. In short, we don’t take a "one-size-fits-all" approach with any of our customers.

For more information on Gosiger Automation and the services it provides, contact us today.