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Get CNC Lathes and a Partner with Gosiger

May 20, 2011

CNC machine technology is ever changing; as evidenced by the constant innovation and the number of new product introductions. These technology gains are driven by ongoing customer demands for better, faster and cheaper production solutions. Entry or even just competition in the global manufacturing environment demands exacting precision from one-off part runs to mass produced widgets of every conceivable configuration. Further, production time allotted from start to finished product is now breathtakingly short.

Consider the realities of our world and the manufacturing market as it stands today. Choosing to go it alone when deciding on a new CNC machine investment and in-house methods presents a considerable risk. The prosperity of your company and your employees requires more than the status quo. Without a trusted and competent partner in your manufacturing "corner" you will undoubtedly miss efficiencies and advantages that would increase productivity and reduce your costs per part. Gosiger can be in your corner with the expertise, engineering and products to ensure your operation achieves maximum productivity.

We represent and support some of the most innovative names in CNC machining. Brands such as…

  • Okuma - Achieve production efficiencies and don’t sacrifice the caliber of your parts. CNC lathe features include a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths and other optional features. There are over 427 different combinations of features to choose from.
  • Hardinge - Uncompromising on product fabrication; the T-Series turning centers deliver high precision to meet any customer's standards. Versatile machines at a great price.
  • Amada Wasino - Built to be easily integrated into automated solutions from their basic G-Series up to the Mi8 series

When you collaborate with Gosiger's engineering group, we can design a custom solution for you, often integrating high-performance CNC machines with automation. We have spent nearly 90 years helping our customers select the perfect machines, processes and tooling for their specific needs - we can help you too.

Contact Gosiger's experts in CNC machining today to find out how your we can help you with your production needs.