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Versatility With a 5-Axis Machining Center

February 22, 2011

Demystifying 5-Axis 3The hallmark of most high-performance CNC machining centers is consistent precision.  In fact, 3-axis machining centers have become the mainstay of the vast majority of production shops and have even made substantial inroads into the short-run, job shop environment.  However, like any other technology CNC machining has, and continues to, evolve in terms of sophistication and flexibility.  Today, 3-axis machining is actually the minimum capability needed to compete in the global marketplace.  

Leading manufacturers continue to expand the capabilities window with 5-axis CNC machines. Often these machines are integrated into automated cells and capable of producing numerous families of parts with the lights out, 24/7 and with almost no human intervention!  5-axis machines dramatically expand a manufacturers ability to rapidly produce complex parts to exacting standards.  When combined with automation, gaging and cell configurations, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  Throughput skyrockets, labor rates per-part plummet and the ultimate measure of performance, the bottom line, thrives.  

Gosiger has spent years developing the knowledge and assets required to combine these technologies and processes into a single high-performance package  We can help your business achieve a new level of competitiveness and prosperity.  Contact us today and let us show you how.

Gosiger proudly carries Okuma and Hardinge 5-axis machining centers and we offer the consulting and engineering services to determine the best solution for your production needs.