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CNC Machines

CNC Machine Tools We Offer

November 29, 2010

CNC machine tools offered by Gosiger let your business realize savings in time and money. Our engineers can design the best solution for your business. We understand each company has its challenges to meet and we have the CNC machine tools to solve them.

Types of CNC Machines:

  • CNC Lathes - materials are spun to make precise and uniform cuts in products similar to stair railings and table legs. Not limited to wood; metal, and composite materials are the most popular mediums for a host of industries served by Gosiger.
  • Cylindrical grinders remove material by abrasion. With the addition of CNC the fine control needed to position the product correctly is taken out of human hands; making very precise passes (as little as 200 nm or 1/100000 in.)
  • Machining Centers, also known as milling machines allows for virtually any part to be made. The most advanced being 5 axis machines allowing intricate designs to be made.

Contact one of our experts for more information on our CNC machines.