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Get Your Business Turning With CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are versatile machining tools able to work with a wide range of materials. Originally used for metal, the introduction of plastics and other composite materials has made the usage of a CNC lathe even more popular.

Due the ease of operation, CNC lathes are quickly replacing older multispindle lathes. Being totally enclosed for optimal safety, and with parts being designed using a CAD/CAM process, it allows for greater economies of scale.

CNC Lathe Benefits

  • Reduced overhead, fewer personnel needed to manage the part of the production process
  • Increased productivity, even without an auto-feed option parts are made in less time
  • Better quality, parts are made consistently uniform and to required specification

Gosiger offers an impressive line of CNC lathes to help you achieve all the benefits stated here, and we also have connections to financing that will get that equipment in your hands faster. Gosiger’s Engineering and Automation Experts will design and implement a custom solution that fits your business needs in a timely manner.

Contact us today to get started.