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Amada Wasino CNC Surface Grinders

If anyone has ever told you that all CNC surface grinders are the same, they’ve clearly never used an Amada Wasino surface grinder. The line of Amada Wasino surface grinders are true CNC machines, making surface grinding faster and more efficient as well as delivering greatly enhanced precision and productivity.

Often times shop owners will stray from CNC machines because of the training involved in learning how to operate them at peak productivity, but with Amada Wasino’s surface grinders it’s easy to learn and operate.

CNC machines are designed to eliminate as many human elements from the equation as possible. Amada Wasino’s CNC surface grinders provide real-time, in-process measurement which eliminates the need for manual inspection of parts.

Another unique feature of these surface grinders is the programmable work tables and table stroking positions. With this, you’re able to grind multiple parts with the push of one button.

If your shop has been looking for a CNC surface grinder, Amada Wasino is for you. However, Gosiger carries multiple other surface grinder options such as:

All of these brands are trusted names in the CNC machine tool industry and offer different strengths and benefits. From grinders that machine high-temperature super alloys to basic manual machines and from large diameter grinding to highly accurate, small diameter grinding - Gosiger has it all.

For more information on CNC surface grinders or any of the CNC machine tool equipment from Gosiger, contact us today.