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Gosiger News

Your CNC Surface Grinders Partner

With Gosiger and Amada Wasino, you have a family of CNC surface grinders for all grinding operations. Technology in CNC machinery is accelerating on many fronts and CNC surface grinders by Amada Wasino are leading the way. Now you can grind faster, achieve unparalleled form tolerance, and do it all in an unattended production environment.

Take the GLS Series for example. It’s a world-class CNC optical profile grinding machine. These grinders are excellent for tight tolerances on low volume, complex parts. Easy to set-up and program, there is no better way to manufacture hard materials. CCD camera technology allows straightforward profile comparison between the part and its expected profile using the DXF file layout.

No matter what model or series you use, there is one superb feature that should not be overlooked. With the programmable work tables and table stroking positions, you’re able to grind multiple parts with the push of one button. Another advanced feature of these surface grinders is the CNC control and operating systems which allows toolmakers to easily learn how to operate them.

In addition to Amada Wasino, Gosiger distributes other reputable brands like Okuma, Moore Jig, and Hardinge. Let our engineering experts help you determine the best CNC machine for your application. With services like financing and CNC machine 24 hour emergency repairs, we maximize your production so you can maximize your business’s growth.

For more information on CNC surface grinders or any of the CNC machine tool equipment from Gosiger, contact us today.