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CNC Surface Grinders from Gosiger

In terms of performance and speed, Amada Wasino CNC surface grinders provide superb accuracy. Gosiger distributes these innovative CNC surface grinders. Any workshop, from a single man shop to a large manufacturing complex, will benefit from the increased productivity and precision these CNC grinders deliver.

Toolmakers, operators and CNC machinists will appreciate the simplicity in learning to operate Amada Wasino grinders. No detail is overlooking, down to the inclusion of ergonomic controls. CNC programming minimizes manual involvement. For example, these CNC grinders report real-time parts measurement, eliminating manual inspection. By utilizing the programmable worktables and table stroking positions, an operator is able to quickly, accurately and consistently choose which part to grind. Switching between parts becomes much less of a hassle, and more of a benefit to your production schedule.

Simply stated, Amada Wasino grinders provide easy operation and deliver high-accuracy that’s hard to beat. Get the repeatable precision you need with consistent part conformity. Once you see an Amada Wasino surface grinder in action, you’ll understand the power and flexibility it brings to your production floor.

Contact Gosiger to learn more about how customized surface grinding solutions can improve your production line.