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Industry Leading Okuma CNC Lathes

November 15, 2011

Gosiger delivers high-quality, cutting-edge CNC machining and factory automation solutions. Our stringent standards are met by few others. Micro-precision, repeatability and part conformity are the results you get when you choose Gosiger as your CNC lathe and machining partner. One product line in particular, Okuma, showcases our commitment to quality and innovation.

We offer Okuma CNC lathes because of their innovation and history of dependable service. A wealth of optional features, over 427, provides extremely customized solutions that address your manufacturing challenges. For instance, Okuma CNC lathes hold to tight tolerances and eliminate the need to finish your operation with a separate grinding setup.

What else makes Okuma CNC lathes stand out? Seamless PC integration achieved by Okuma’s pioneering THINC-OSP allows for longer service life. As PC capabilities grow, so will your CNC machine. Increase production capabilities without sacrificing the reliable performance you will surely depend on.

Sturdy construction, decades of innovative design, and scalable CNC machinery; what more could you want? Contact Gosiger today to learn more about how an Okuma CNC lathe will expand your production capacity.