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Choosing a 5-Axis CNC Machine

Demystifying 5-Axis 3 5-axis CNC machines are by no means a light investment for your machine shop; no matter its size. Carefully weighing the pros and cons can be challenging to say the least. Gosiger has decades of CNC machine implementation experience at your disposal. We offer a complete turnkey solution and can help determine if a 5-axis CNC machine is right for you.

The main advantages in utilizing a 5-axis machining center include:

  • Single part set-up. A lot of time can be lost when multiple set-ups are required for manufacturing a part. Significant cost reduction can be realized.
  • Complex machining. Deep cuts and mold fabrication can especially benefit from the 5-axes of freedom these CNC machines are capable of.
  • Higher Quality Parts.  Single set-up leads to fewer opportunities for errors in part position and cutting to be introduced. Human error is also minimized.

Still undecided? Our design team will work with you to analyze your current production floor layout and capabilities. From our detailed investigation we will present to you our findings, recommendations and other services you would benefit from. To see how we’ve helped others, check out our case studies that show how we’ve worked with customers to increase productivity and lower per part costs.

Now more than ever, in the competitive manufacturing industry, staying ahead of the competition and changing demand is crucial. Investing in products that allow your shop to produce a wider variety of parts more quickly and more accurately is a necessity. This is exactly what Gosiger provides.

Contact the experts in CNC 5-axis machining and learn how we can improve your production numbers.