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Okuma, CNC Machines

Okuma CNC Machines Distributer

December 1, 2011

The heart of Okuma CNC machines is the principal of constant innovation, all the while improving manufacturing processes and preserving the beauty of a product made well. The Japanese have a word that embodies this philosophy – monozukuri.

Okuma embraces every aspect of monozukuri with every Okuma CNC machine center they create. One example of the innovation an Okuma machine center solution can bring is combining THINC® system capabilities and Constant CARE for a flexible manufacturing solution.

The demands of the manufacturing industry continue to drive ways to innovate and supply products our society needs. One way Gosiger has helped to reduce CNC machine downtime is with remote connection to the Okuma CNC machines utilizing Okuma’s Constant CARE package.

Remote diagnosis allows service engineers to have intimate knowledge of what is plaguing your CNC machine before arriving onsite. This allows the service engineer to have the part on site the first time they show up, and to quickly identify the root cause, diagnose the problem and find a solution to get you back up and running. This helps to lower your downtime, and increases your productivity.

This type of forward-thinking is why Gosiger is proud to be an Okuma CNC machine partner. Delivering robust CNC machining solutions due to our cadre of top CNC manufacturers from around the world positions us to give you the most for your money – every time.

Contact Gosiger today to forge a partnership to propel your manufacturing capabilities to the next level.