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Gosiger News

Automation Cell Video Demonstrates Integrated Inspection & Feedback

Okuma’s Partners in THINC is a collaboration of industry leaders who work together to solve customer problems and develop new ways to improve manufacturing productivity and profits.

This video demonstrates one of those efforts: An automated work cell that incorporates an Okuma machine tool, an industrial robot for loading blanks and unloading finished parts, and both inbound and outbound conveyors that bring blanks into the staging area and move finished parts out.

In addition, the cell includes a Renishaw Equator inspection system that checks critical dimensions on the finished parts and sends offset data back to the machine tool via Autocomp software, to maintain consistent part quality throughout the production run.


Gosiger Automation integrates all of these elements and more for cells like this throughout the US as the sole authorized automation systems provider for Okuma America. To learn more, contact Gosiger Automation.