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A Low-Cost Robotic Automation Solution for CNC Shops

There's no doubt that applying robotic automation to part production provides a number of benefits including reduced cost-per-part, better use of machine operator time, increased CNC machine utilization, improved part quality and consistent daily output.

However, some CNC shops don’t believe that automation makes sense for them because they don't have high enough production volumes to justify the investment in a sophisticated robotic work cell. In some cases they may be correct. On the other hand, if there was an affordable, simple yet flexible automation cell for single or secondary operations, they might enjoy all of the benefits robotic automation provides.

That's why Gosiger Automation developed a standardized, Compact Robot Cell (GOCell CRC) that incorporates an integrated robot base, conveyor and controller frame for use with Fanuc, Kuka, and ABB robots.

The GOCell CRC automates a single CNC lathe, grinder or vertical machining center (VMC) with six or eight inch chucks for parts weighing up to 10 pounds. The cell can handle a wide variety of part shapes and configurations thanks to its flexible design and integrated machine vision.

The standard design means quicker delivery time and reduced engineering costs. Plus, Gosiger Automation programs the robot and vision system to your specific requirements before shipping the GOCell to your facility.

To learn more about how the GOCell CRC can automate your CNC operations and many other automation solutions, contact Gosiger Automation.

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