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7 Ways To Optimize CNC Machine Performance Throughout its Life

We all want to get the most out of our CNC machines, but no matter how well they are designed, built and equipped, these tools are only as productive as we allow them to be. Which is to say that there are many possible production procedures, and some are more efficient that others.

So how can you optimize the payback on your CNC machine investment? By applying engineering expertise throughout the machine’s life cycle:

  1. Determining the best process. To make a part as efficiently as possible you need to carefully analyze every aspect from raw materials to shipping finished product to the customer. Then create a plan complete with engineering drawings, perform programming, select workholding, assemble tooling, perform gauge R&R and first article runs.
  2. Once you develop the ideal process, you’ll need to train your team to properly implement the plan, and monitor the results for possible adjustments.
  3. Adding automation. When your customer suddenly ups their order quantities while expecting quick delivery, it may be time to add robotic loading and unloading or other ways of automating the process.
  4. Adapting to changes. Part modifications, production volumes and tolerance requirements may change over time. Will the existing process still be efficient? Or do you need to take a “clean sheet” approach?
  5. Continuous improvement. As new methods, upgraded software and peripheral technologies develop they can improve the efficiency of your CNC machines – if you apply them properly.
  6. As your needs change you may need to invest in a new CNC machine with greater capabilities. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your existing machine has reached the end of its useful life. There may be a way to repurpose it to other tasks so you continue to derive a return on your original investment.
  7. Your manufacturing engineers may not have the time or breadth of experience to solve all of your process issues. That’s when it makes sense to bring in outside engineers who will work closely with your staff. Gosiger’s Engineered Services Division focuses on maximizing your machine tool productivity and ROI.
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