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5 Reasons to Add Robotic Automation to Your CNC Shop

The battle to reduce production costs, improve product quality, and satisfy customer demands is fought daily in the world of CNC manufacturing. One of the most effective strategies facilities of all sizes can employ is robotic automation – whether for a single production cell or an entire factory.

There are many reasons why Robotics make sense for manufacturers. Here are five:

  1. People are only human. They take periodic breaks, call in sick, may be distracted by fellow workers or supervisors and often must perform other duties. Meanwhile a machine may sit idle, waiting for the operator to load the next workpiece. Robots never stop unless you tell them to. They just keep loading and unloading parts.
  2. A robot can service more than one machine tool, so it can load a workpiece into one machine and while that part is being machined, it can load a second machine. Meanwhile the system can perform inspection, tooling exchange or changeovers, and material handling all while the second machine makes more parts.
  3. Robots are incredibly consistent. Once programmed, they will load every part exactly the same way, which helps maintain product quality.
  4. When new jobs come in or part specifications change, you can easily reprogram your robotic automation system and change tooling if necessary. This kind of flexibility means a much greater return on your investment than you typically get from highly restrictive, dedicated automation systems built into some machine tools.
  5. Modern industrial robots are highly reliable and versatile machines that perform flawlessly with minimal maintenance.

Want more proof that robotic automation can boost productivity? Read the results in these real-world case studies:

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CNC Machine Shop Meets Customer Demand With Robotic Automation, & Saves $500,000 In Operating Costs

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