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5 Advantages of a Collet-Ready Spindle

While typical CNC turning machines require a spindle adapter to install a collet or jaw chuck, many Hardinge products, including the Conquest H51 horizontal turning machine, have a unique collet-ready spindle design that eliminates the need for an adapter. Naturally, this makes changeovers quicker and easier, but the benefits don’t end there. Here are 5 more advantages:

  1. Because the entire spindle assembly is finish ground in place, the Conquest H51 Super Precision holds tolerances within the 2 – 3 micron range.
  2. The collet sits directly in the spindle so maximum rigidity and gripping power are transferred directly to the part and you can run at optimum RPM.
  3. Absence of an adapter means less weight is placed on the spindle and there is minimum overhang from the spindle bearings, so spindle accuracy is transferred directly to the workpiece.
  4. The unique design allows easy and accurate drawtube adjustment from the back of the spindle to provide quick changeovers from bar work to chucking work.
  5. The collet-ready spindle makes it possible to perform accurate hard turning and grinding, thus eliminating the need for dedicated grinding machines.

Hardinge also makes a number of workholding options for use with the collet-ready spindle including a variety of collets, 3-jaw power chucks and step chucks and closers. Contact your local Gosiger machine tool expert to learn more, and watch the Conquest H51 video to see the machine in action.