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Update on Passwords: We’re Doing it all Wrong

January 5, 2018

Now that so much of our personal information has been hacked by cyber criminals, being concerned about password security may seem like closing the proverbial barn door after the horses ran off.

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How To Protect Your CNC Shop From Ransomware

September 15, 2017

While cybercrime in many forms continues to escalate, the fastest growing threat is ransomware, in which your data is held prisoner until you pay off the cybercriminals. According to the Web site Fight Ransomware, these attacks increased 300% from 2015 to 2016, with over 4000 attacks now occurring each day.

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Investing in CNC Machines: The Human Factor

August 11, 2017

It’s safe to say that most manufacturers recognize that their greatest asset is their people. They may have the latest and greatest technology, but it is the skills, experience and dedication of those who work for them that make the company what it is.

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7 Ways To Protect Your Shop Data From Cyberattacks

March 31, 2017

Many who run small to mid-size businesses tend to think of cybercrime as only a big business problem. While it’s true that large corporations, governments, banks and retailers are likely targets for Internet based crimes, smaller businesses – including CNC shops – are not immune. According to the 2016 Internet Security Report from Symantec, 43% of cyberattacks last year targeted small businesses.

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Beware: Cyber Criminals Targeting Businesses Of All Sizes

April 22, 2016

The thieves who use computers instead of weapons to draw money out of business bank accounts are increasingly targeting small to mid-size businesses. Once, if you weren’t a billion-dollar company, you were less likely to be hacked by cyber criminals. That’s no longer the case. Consider these recent statistics:

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5 Ways the Bad Guys Can Hurt Your Business

January 27, 2016

It’s challenging enough to run a successful CNC machine shop these days without worrying about people trying to steal from you. Unfortunately, it’s a reality we all must face. Certainly, there have always been thieves and con artists, however today’s technologies and the rapid pace of business provide new opportunities for them to get hold of your hard earned dollars. Following are 5 of the most common scams aimed at businesses of all sizes and what you can do to keep the scammers’ fingers out of your pocket.

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5 Keys to Cyber Security

January 27, 2016

There are lots of big names in the news that wish they weren’t. They’re newsworthy because their databases have been hacked, putting employees and customers at risk. Not only have many major retailers been hit, but also institutions we thought were the most secure, including the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other government agencies, have recently suffered major data systems breeches.

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