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Investing in CNC Machines: The Human Factor

It’s safe to say that most manufacturers recognize that their greatest asset is their people. They may have the latest and greatest technology, but it is the skills, experience and dedication of those who work for them that make the company what it is.

The same is true of the suppliers that sell machine tools and accessories, automation systems, 3-D printers and other production equipment. In addition to offering excellent products, they should have broad and deep human resources to support your manufacturing needs. Here’s what you should look for when considering an equipment purchase:

  • It’s best to work with suppliers that have a long history of serving manufacturing customers. They should have a well-rounded, stable team that has worked on a variety of production challenges across many industries. The team includes long-term members with vast experience who mentor the newer hires who bring fresh insights to problem solving.
  • Big picture thinking. Most manufacturers are looking for a way to improve production efficiencies. This often requires more than just buying a newer piece of equipment, because merely increasing spindle speeds and feed rates may not be a complete solution. The people you want to work with will understand your current process ­– from raw material to finished product, will discuss your overall goals, and then suggest solutions that will meet or exceed your desired result.
  • Broad range of capabilities. The best solution may involve a number of technologies, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the advantages and limitations of each. This calls for people who are continuously exploring the latest developments in machines, software, applications and interconnectivity (The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT). Helping you address today’s goals with an eye to the future also necessitates having people on the team who recognize that Industry 4.0 is upon us.
  • Technical support. As manufacturing becomes more sophisticated and customer demands intensify, it’s essential to have fast, reliable, easily accessible technical support. This means working with people who can quickly respond to onsite technical issues, ship replacement parts, provide remote support to answer questions and make available technical training that enables your people to get the most value from your investment
  • As important as is all of the above in selecting a supplier to partner with, it means little if the company isn’t committed to your complete satisfaction. As a family owned and managed manufacturing technology provider for more than 95 years, Gosiger is uniquely qualified to help you improve your company’s productivity and profitability. Let us prove it to you by contacting your local Gosiger facility.