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Factory Automation, Case Study

A CNC Shop Owner Looks At The Changing Face Of Manufacturing

May 19, 2017

Rusty Arant of North Carolina’s Northeast Tool is a true believer in applying the latest manufacturing technologies to keep his family business competitive. That includes adding a robotic automation system designed by Gosiger Automation that dramatically reduces time and cost-per-part. You canfalse

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  • Robotic Automation Cell Cuts Cycle Time In Half Improving Part Quality for Gearbox Manufacturer

    The U.S. headquarters of SEW- EURODRIVE in Lyman, South Carolina is an impressive 250,000-sq.-ft. facility that produces over 300,000 gear sets and gear boxes each year.

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  • Robotic Automation Reduces 40 Minute Part Production to Less Than 5 Minutes

    CNG is a greener, cleaner burning alternative fuel that creates less pollution. When Rusty took a close look at the manufacturing process for these parts, he identified it as an opportunity to convert the existing approach to robotic automation.

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  • Manufacturing Facility Automates Cell, Reduced WIP 80%

    Recently a global supplier of compressors decided to rethink its process for making a series of bearing housings.

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