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MB-VA-AW Series

The MB-56VA-AW aluminum wheel drilling machine is Okuma’s premier vertical machining center. This CNC machine takes the very best of the latest technology and tailors the specifications around the requirements of aluminum wheel drilling. It adopts a powerful double column structure to offer the most machining in the least floor space, and the latest innovations in thermal countermeasures have been incorporated to offer the best performance available today.

The OKUMA MB-56VA-AW is equipped with a high speed; high power 40 Taper 15,000 rpm spindle with a 30/25 HP VAC liquid cooled integral motor. This model incorporates a high-speed 20 position automatic tool changer and 1,574 ipm (X/Y) rapid traverse, resulting in powerful production capability. Okuma's patented THINC®-OSP CNC control, with its open architecture and Ethernet connectivity, simplifies integration with other machines, automation and peripheral equipment to further enhance productivity.

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Okuma MB-56VA-AW

Okuma : MB-VA-AW Series


Innovative and high-performing aluminum wheel drilling machine.