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LB Series

Fast, powerful and precise large diameter turning is among the many advantages of these heavy-duty, 2-axis lathes. Ideally suited for machining large parts including threaded pipes and long shafts used in oilfields, this series has some of the industry’s longest beds enabling large diameter machining in a wide variety of bore sizes.

The rigid Okuma base casting insures stability while a powerful motor and precise control provides fast, accurate end-to-end motion at low RPM for long life, and robust ball screws allow slideway movement of both axes for faster speeds and feed rates.

Among the many standard or optional features are 2-axis turning with live tooling, live tool turret, geared headstock, c-axis, A2-8, A2-11, A2-15 or A2-20 spindle noses, milling function, Thermo Friendly Concept, Machining Navi and Collision Avoidance System.

Select an LB Series product to learn more:

Okuma LB35III

Okuma : LB Series


Strong and efficient horizontal lathe.

Okuma LB45III

Okuma : LB Series


Quick, productive and heavy-duty horizontal lathe.