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Hardinge GT27SP

QUEST Series | GT27SP

The quick and productive GT27SP gang tool CNC lathe can achieve surface finishes of 8 micro-inches, exacting part roundness of .000015 inches and a continuous machining accuracy of .0002 inches to support SPC requirements. Accuracy Certification is included.

Watch the machine in action.

  • GT27SP Straight
Quick Specs
Approx Machine Weight: 5,700lbs. (2,586kg)
Bar Size 1.062" (27mm)
Chuck Size 4" (101.60mm)
CNC Control Unit Fanuc 32 bit 21iT
Floor Space 77" x 58.62" x 64.10"(1,956mm x 1,489mm x 1628mm)
Spindle HP 10hp (7.5Kw)
Spindle Speed 8,000 rpm
X-Axis Travel 11.96" (304mm)
Z-Axis Travel 11.062" (281mm)

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