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Hardinge CHNC42

QUEST Series | CHNC 42

CHNC turning centers achieve quick changeovers with interchangeable top plates pre-tooled for individual or multiple jobs. Some enhancements include 4x faster index time, 172% more x-axis travel, 18% faster x-axis traverse rate, 57% faster z-axis traverse rate, more rigidity with Fanuc Servo Turret Index Motor and 30% less floor space.

Watch the CHNC 42 in action.

  • CHNC 42 Straight
  • CHNC 42 Right
  • CHNC 42 Left
Quick Specs
Approx Machine Weight: 5,220 lbs. (2,368kg)
Bar Size 1.062" (27mm) CHNC 27 1.625" (41.275mm) CHNC 42
Chuck Size 4"(101.60mm) CHNC 27 5.6"(139mm)CHNC 42
CNC Control Unit Fanuc32i & Mitsubishi M70V
Floor Space 77" x 58.62" x 64.10"(1,956mm x 1,489mm x 1628mm)
Spindle HP 10 (7.5Kw)
Spindle Speed 8,000 rpm on CHNC 27 5,000 rpm on CHNC 42
X-Axis Travel 12.24" (310.9mm)
Z-Axis Travel 12.25" (311.2mm)

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