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Hardinge GS 42

GS-Series | GS 42

The GS 42 achieves better part accuracy and surface finish with Hardinge's collet-ready spindle. The machine is available with many options for versatile manufacturing jobs including a 3-jaw chuck, part probe, tool probe, a parts catcher, c-axis/live tooling and fully programmable tailstock.

  • GS 42 Straight
  • GS 41 Right
  • GS 41 Left
Quick Specs
Approx Machine Weight: 8465 lbs. (3840kg)
Bar Size 1.65" (42mm)
Chuck Size 6" (150mm)
CNC Control Unit Fanuc 32-bit 0i-TD
Floor Space 97.05" x 134.92" x 62.24" (3427mm x 1581mm x 2406mm)
Max Machining Diameter 11.18" (284mm)
Max Turning Length 15.98" (406mm)
Number of Turret Stations (Standard) 12 Station
Spindle HP 14 HP/ 18.5kW
Spindle Speed 6,000 rpm

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