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BTB TRV Vertical Axis

Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series | TRV Vertical Axis

The BTB-TRV vertical axis transfer machine created and designed by BTB TRANSFER is the ideal solution for machining complex parts that require a high number of operations. It is capable of machining a variety of materials such as brass, steel, aluminum, and it is a valid alternative to the traditional machining centers.

The BTB-TRV transfer is able to machine the part on different sides thanks to the use of an NC controlled programmable rotating chuck which allows rotations from 1° to 360°. The part is positioned in the chuck with a single clamping.

  • TRV Vertical Axis Straight
  • TRV Vertical Axis Inside
  • TRV Vertical Axis Inside
  • TRV Vertical Axis Inside
Quick Specs
Parts E.A.U.:
Over 1 Million
Part Size:
Fits into a 10" Cube
Part Weight
2.5 oz. to 25 lbs.
Unit HP
Up To 50 HP
Turnkey Automation
Several Types
Unit Axis Of Motion
Up to 5