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BTB TRO Horizontal Axis

Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series | TRO Horizontal Axis

The BTB TRO Transfer Machine combines versatility of use with quick and easy change over time. The TRO meets the requirements for high productivity and flexibility. It can be supplied in different configurations according to the special needs of the customer. 

The horizontal axis transfer machine is the ideal solution for machining 3-way parts. The TRO machines the part completely without the need of secondary operations. It guarantees an increased production.

  • TRO Horizontal Axis Straight
  • TRO Horizontal Axis Back
Quick Specs
Parts E.A.U.:
Over 1 Million
Part Size:
Fits into a 10" Cube
Part Weight
2.5 oz. to 25 lbs.
Unit HP
Up To 50 HP
Turnkey Automation
Several Types
Unit Axis Of Motion
Up to 5