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Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer

High Volume

BTB CNC rotary machines were developed specifically for both machining precision and productivity on parts that are produced in high volume. All machining operations come together on a single multi-station machine utilizing a rotary indexed table.

The machine can produce parts complete from raw material. Each station of the rotary table is dedicated to a given machining step. Each individual part goes through the entire machining process without being removed from its holding collet, thus ensuring accuracy and repeatability. This machine concept makes it possible to run a large volume of parts at a low cost per part and high production volumes.

Select a Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer product to learn more:

BTB TRO Horizontal Axis

BTB : Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series

TRO - Horizontal Axis

Flexible and productive transfer machine is available in different configurations and is ideal for machining 3-way parts.

BTB TRV Vertical Axis

BTB : Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series

TRV - Vertical Axis

Versatile machine capable of machining a variety of complex parts and materials, and can machine the part on different sides.


BTB : Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series


Adaptable bar transfer machine with high production capabilities, ideal for any kind of production run.