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BTB Flexturm

Flex Series | FlexTurn

The significant characteristics of the Flexturn are:

  • The flexibility to suit production from either bar stock, forging, or casting.
  • The part turning axis (-C-) can be used as machining (turning) or positioning (rotating) axis to execute drilling, threading, and/or inclined milling operations.
  • The machine tooling position is in the upper and/or radial position in each station. Each station has a motorized (driven) tool for milling and/or drilling and various turning tools. Swiss style turning/machining can be employed.
  • The part can be automatically rotated and re-clamped in the machine in order to machine both sides of the part like a sub-spindle lathe. The machine unloads one or two finished parts each table index.
  • The machine is ergonomic with great accessibility that leads to considerable reductions in tool change time.
  • FlexTurn Straight
  • FlexTurn Back
Quick Specs
Parts E.A.U.:
Over 1 Million
Part Size:
Fits into a 10" Cube
Part Weight
2.5 oz. to 25 lbs.
Unit HP
Up To 50 HP
Turnkey Automation
Several Types
Unit Axis Of Motion
Up to 5

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