The Okuma GA/GP-FII Series accommodates the external grinding needs for a wide variety of industries. Known for their flexibility in grinding of small to large O.D. parts, the GA/GP-FII Series features a heavy base design and hydrodynamic wheel spindle which are critical to the GA/GP-FII Series’ ability to accurately machine larger parts.

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Okuma GA/GP-34-FII

Okuma : GA/GP-FII Series


Flexible O.D. CNC grinding machine, smallest of the series.

Okuma GA/GP-36-FII

Okuma : GA/GP-FII Series


Simple O.D. CNC grinding machine.

Okuma GA/GP-44-FII

Okuma : GA/GP-FII Series


Multitasking O.D. CNC grinding machine.

Okuma GA/GP-47-FII

Okuma : GA/GP-FII Series


Versatile O.D. CNC grinding machine, largest of the series.