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MU-V Series

The MU-V Series provides the power of process-intensive machining and high-speed, high-accuracy cutting through the combination of turning and 5-axis multitask machining. The fast yet powerful trunnion table allows simultaneous 5-axis machining and one-chuck multi-sided machining of complex shapes. Ideal for mold & die shops, medical components and highly complex aerospace components.

Select an MU-V Series product to learn more:

Okuma MU-400VII

Okuma : MU-V Series


Powerful and high-speed 5-axis vertical machining center for maximum productivity in a small space.

Okuma MU-500VII

Okuma : MU-V Series


Compact and innovative 5-axis universal vertical machining center.

Okuma MU-5000V

Okuma : MU-V Series


Consistent multitasking 5-axis vertical machining center.

Okum MU6300V

Okuma : MU-V Series


Rigid and precise 5-axis vertical machining center for high production capabilities.